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Welcoming Back Maz to The CC Crew

We are so very pleased to welcome back Maz to the Crew for 2018. Maz lives on cattle, cropping and cotton property near Walgett in the outback of Far West NSW. She has been married for 34 years to her wonderful and supportive husband and they have four beautiful adult children, one grandchild and another due next year.

Maz is wearing Capriosca Swimwear Classique Wrapped One Piece from Sequins and Sand

Maz's husband manages the property they live on and she says "there is never a dull moment, and even the best laid plans can change in a heartbeat. My days can consist of driving tractors, cattle work, a parts run, cooking for the crew and keeping the home base ticking over. I am very blessed to live in a wonderful small community where everyone helps and supports each other and I have a wonderful group of girlfriends that would do anything for each other."

Prior to moving to the property, 11 years ago, Maz owned an interior business on the Gold Coast, called Maz Interiors, which was a shabby chic inspired store. She refurbished client’s furniture and homes and also worked alongside some Gold Coast interior designers. Maz even had some of her pieces bought for the Art Union Homes. Maz also ran shopping tours and workshops and counts it as one of the happiest creative times of her life. They say "you can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl" and after six years on the Gold Coast and with her mother’s declining health, they realised they were definitely country people and an opportunity arose at the prefect time with our previous employer to manage this property. So, Maz and her husband sold their respective businesses and headed on back to the country.

Four years ago, Maz's children realised how much she was missing her business and the creative outlet it gave her and encouraged her to start her own blog, even though, at the time, Maz had no idea what a blog was. While the children set up the blog they also introduced her to Instagram and she named her page @mazlifestyle and once she learnt how to use it, she was hooked! Maz said " I saw all these amazing talented, inspiring women of all ages, sharing their passions and stories and knew I had found my tribe and through this platform I have made some amazing connections and found the beautiful Anita from Sequins and Sand and #CossieConfidence.

Maz bit the bullet last year and put her hand up to be part of the Crew and has never looked back. She said "for years, I was so hard on myself and my body, covering up and never feeling proud. I was always comparing myself to others and always on a diet. I was just so bloody hard. But over the last 4 years seeing other women sharing, encouraging and being real and raw, this has also become my mission. I want to be that person that other women look at and think "Wow! she’s the same size as me and look at her, she’s not worried what anyone thinks - she is having the time of her life." My body is my vehicle which enables me to experience life, and I am happy and grateful with my model and don’t want to trade her in at all!

It is so great to have Maz in the 2018 Crew and if you do not already know about some of the amazing things she has planned this year to help her community cripple by drought, then pop on over and have a look at the Beach to Bush Ladies Day and Beach to Bush Calendar. Maz and Anita have been busy planning these amazing projects and in the process are 'giving back’.


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