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Beach to Bush Ladies Day


Thanks to Maz, one of our Cossie Confidence Crew members and Anita having a chat about bringing the beach to the bush back in January of 2018, we are enormously proud to tell you about the Beach to Bush Ladies Day! 


"Beach to Bush Ladies Day" is a community event brought to you by the "Carinda Sewing Group", bringing much needed emotional support for rural women in one of the worst drought affected area in Australia, the surrounding district of Carinda and Walgett in NSW. It will be held in the beautiful Garden at "Wonga" 47klms South of Walgett. 23kms from Carinda on the Carinda Walgettt Rd. 

Anita from "Sequins and Sand" based in Brisbane, is bringing the" Beach to the Bush" with her range of thoughtfully stylish swimwear. Anita wants to spread the message of becoming "Cossie Confident" and making the most of precious summer days. The right cossies will help you do that. There will also be a fashion parade of her swimwear and clothing ranges with a few of the local ladies strutting their stuff! 
There will also be local massage therapists, beauticians and a hairdresser to pamper you on the day, free of charge. We will also have Mink & Me, Lizzy & Me, Doterra Oils, homewares Nursery, and many lifestyle stores in attendance. 
The Carinda Sewing Group and the local CWA ladies will be providing a light lunch and refreshments for $5, and entry to the day is a gold coin. Those gold coins and other money raised from the day will go to Drought Angels who do an amazing hands on job helping families in these communities. 


AND thanks to the generosity of so many women from outside the region too, everyone attending will get a gift bag of lovely day to day luxury items to take home.  


If you’d like to help, donate directly to Drought Angels and mention the Beach To Bush Ladies Day near Carinda and Walgett when you do.  


The Beach to Bush Ladies Day is on Saturday the 27th October. If you plan on coming along, we look forward to seeing you there!


Thank you.”

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