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All About Us


What is #CossieConfidence?

#CossieConfidence is about helping women get over their fears and into their bathers so they can squeeze every last drop of fabulous from their precious summer holidays (and beyond). To not sit on the sidelines and watch the rest of the family have fun. But to get in that water with them and make amazing memories and ‘sparkle’ moments. To be in the photos, not taking them.

For over 13 years I have helped 1000’s of women find THAT swimsuit at Sequins and Sand and each week I am astounded by their stories of body shame and insecurity. Of unworthiness and sadness. The mere though of putting on a cossie, for all to see, in bright day light makes many women feel very vulnerable, ashamed and judged.

I can’t imagine going on a precious summer holiday with my family and not being in my togs. Yet these women were. They're in hubby’s over-sized T’s and baggy boardies to cover up and not feel ashamed; and that’s if they went in the water at all. For others, they had flogged the same pair of cossies for years; saggy baggy horrid looking things because they were afraid they weren’t worthy of an upgrade, and so they stopped looking. These women were missing out on so much fun with their kids, missing out on making valuable memories for themselves and others because they didn’t think they could or should.

The great Aussie outdoor lifestyle, celebrated on the beach and in the pool, out of reach for so many women. It’s sad and it has to change. Cossie Confidence is about the possible.




Founder: Cossie Confidence + Sequins & Sand

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