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We all have a story...What's yours?

Each of us has a story. A story about how we feel about our bodies, our bodies in a cossie.


You might not think it’s not anything to write home about, but for someone out there, it truly is.


And it can make a difference. Each of our Cossie Confidence Crew members have their stories. You can read about them here in The Crew section of this website.


These are everyday girls just like you, stepping up, stepping out to inspire others to do the same. They will make a difference. They already have. See how they have on our Instagram page. We will also post about them on the Sequins and Sand Facebook where the conversations flow. It’s just wonderful. 


Your story matters. It will matter to someone. It will let them know that they are not  alone and that making wonderful summer memories is possible once more.

To share your Cossie Confidence story head over to our private Facebook Group - Women 40, Self Love, Body Love & Summer Confidence.

Or Submit a story via email here! Attach your pics to your words when you do and we’ll pop it up in the private Facebook group for you. We may add it to the Cossie Confidence website and Sequins and Sand Facebook page with your permission of course. 

A few of the Crew stories for you to take inspiration from.
Videographer Brittany McMurray - Paradise Studios

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