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Introducing Rosa to The CC Crew - 2019

Rosa is 47 years young and a mum of two boys. She is also a full time owner of a hairdressing salon and love to go to the beach and the pool because of the freedom she feels in the water. Living life to the fullest, sums her up.

Rosa has lost over 60 kg lighter than I have ever been I Rosa started, what she calls her journey of survival, 3 years ago and has lost over 60 kgs in weight. Rosa has inspired many people along the way.

She loves going to the beach and is pleased that places like Sequins and Sand, have cossies that fit and make you feel great in them! Rosa says, "my biggest voice to every woman is that it doesn't matter your size, you need to feel good and most importantly, be healthy.

Thank you Rosa for bringing your beautiful, positive self to the Crew and to all of the women that come across you, whether in person or on social media. You are such an inspiration!


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