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Introducing Mandy to The CC Crew - 2019

Mandy is 35 years old. She lives in north Brisbane with her Husband and 7year old daughter and son(Twins) and has a little bundle of enjoy on the way, also has a older step son (18).

Mandy works in the aged care sector as a divisional therapist and truly loves her job and being able to bring joy and meaning to her residents lives.

Weekends are all about family, whether it’s trips to the movies, camping, beach day trips, bush walks, swimming in rock pools, any type of adventures the kids can think of. Being able to share new experiences with the children means the world to Mandy.

Teaching her children that no matter what you look like or what people think of you - never change or stop being you. No matter what size or shape Mandy’s body has been she has never strayed away from swimwear or bikinis or the beach! Never missed out on one opportunity to jump in the water. So many ladies come up to Mandy and tell her how brave she is to wear something like bikinis and she always reply’s with, "it’s not bravery, it’s just remembering that everyone else is too busy worried about themselves to worry about you. Even if that doesn’t work- ‘fake it to you make it’! If you look confident, you will surely become confident- it just takes time."

Mandy embraced her curves and thick thighs and put some beautiful tattoos on them. Why cover up what you have- she wants to flaunt it!! Wobbly bits, cellulite and everything!! ​

Thank you Mandy for bringing your beautiful, positive self to the Crew and to all of the women that come across you, whether in person or on social media. You are such an inspiration!


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