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Welcoming Back Vita to The CC Crew

Vita was a Cossie Confidence Ambassador last year and is thrilled to be a part of the Crew again this year. She didn't make the shoot last year but will definitely be with us for this year's shoot.

Vita is a single mother of a beautiful 12 year old girl and is from Balmain. The beach is her happy place - the sun, the water and being outside. She also LOVES having a tan, despite all the warnings and her lovely Italian skin allows her to go really brown and she thinks all of those elements combined is when she really feels her best. She loves a strapless cossie - no tan lines and makes her feel like she's on the Amalfi Coast!

Vita says "I have never really been conscious of my body at the beach but I realised that when you are at the beach or pool, the only person that cares what you look like is you. No one cares. When I look at people all I think is 'how nice is that cossie' or 'don't they look great'. We should all think that about ourselves."

She also loves to bush walk - last year she took her daughter hiking in Tasmania and recalled that it was tough! But she did it! She wanted to show her daughter that we can all do whatever we set out to do. And that we should get out there and enjoy things, whatever they are.

Vita cannot wait to spread the message this year! Drop Vita a message to say Hi and watch out for her in the upcoming #CossieConfidence shoot.

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Miembro desconocido
02 nov 2018

looking absolutely stunning Vita

Me gusta
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