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Welcoming Back Tahlia to The CC Crew

It is with pleasure that we introduce to you, Crew member, Tahlia. Tahlia is 33, and lives in NSW with her fiancé Josh, 6 year old son, Koby and her 2 year old daughter, Skye.

Tahlia was one of the Crew in 2017 and we are grateful to welcome her back for another year spreading this important message. Sadly, Tahlia lost her Mum last year and learnt that life is to short and life needs to be lived. Memories need to be made with the ones who mean the most to you.

Tahlia said "I want to represent and be a voice for the Mums out there, the ones who watch their children make memories in the water from a towel on the sand or on the side of the pool because they don't want go in. Or the one who wears an old daggy t-shirt over their Cossies because they think that looks better. A lot of mums I know, friends included, are exactly like this and it saddens me to think they are missing out because of what they think they look like. I don't want them to look back and realise they have missed awesome times with their family because of a lack of confidence. Your kids aren't going to remember what you wore or what you looked like but they are going to remember those special times swimming together or building sandcastles."

Tahlia and Josh are putting plans in place to follow the sun and travel around Australia. They want to make the best memories that they can with their children and so they are currently converting a Coaster Bus into a motorhome to do it.

Tahlia said, "I have absolutely loved and embraced spreading the #CossieConfidence message to other women, via personal contact, and on my social media platform and I am honoured to be doing it all over again this year. I want to help women embrace their bodies, to really enjoy life and live their best summer ever with their families and friends.

Tahlia is coming to Kingscliff for the shoot in October and we can't wait to meet her. Look out for Tahlia this summer as she spreads the #cossieconfidence message with her big, beautiful smile!


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