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Welcoming Back Liz to The CC Crew

Liz graciously joins us again this year for another of #CossieConfidence. Liz and her husband Mark, have been married for 20 years and have two boys Blake (16) and Nicholas (14) and one fur baby, Max.

Liz first discovered Sequins and Sand and the amazing Anita, when she was looking for cossies that ticked all the boxes. She wanted something that not only looked good but camouflaged her tummy area and lucky for Liz, the Sequins and Sand studio was only a short drive away.

After visiting the store in several occasions Anita approached Liz about being a part of the 2017 #CossieConfidence Crew. Liz agreed and what followed "was an amazing day, inspiring us to get out enjoy life and I also did it to be a role model to my boys as I hope they will pass the message on to their friends and future partners in life."

Liz at 2017 Cossie Confidence Shoot

"2018 has been a challenging year for me, as I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June, not just one side but both. This was a shock to myself and family. One of the first things that came to mind with my cancer journey was that I can’t have chemo, because I'll lose my hair’. As the days went, inevitably that's what happened and a bit of low self esteem followed. So, I was over the moon when I was asked to join the crew again. I certainly stepped outside my comfort zone as my family and a few close friends had only seen me bald. Yes I was nervous but on the day with the 14 amazing women around me and some awesome eyebrows I jumped in the deep end and knew that this was my way to show everyone to get out there and enjoy life."

Liz's message is clear and strong and when you watch Liz's interview that was recorded on the shoot day, you cannot help but hear her message.

Liz's message to us all is, "Don’t sit on the sidelines and watch it all go by. You never know what is going to happen from one day to the next - you just never know what is around the corner or the amazing people you may meet along the way."

We are so grateful to have the amazing Liz on the Crew with us again. Her bald head was beautiful, as is she.


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