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Welcoming Back Kate to The CC Crew

We are so grateful to welcome Kate back to the #CossieConfidence crew for 2018. Kate is originally from Mt Gambier, SA, but is currently living on beautiful Christmas Island, where her husband is the airport manager.

Kate has been an early childhood teacher, a singer, a vocal coach, event coordinator and is a wife and a mum to 2 beautiful kids.  Living on Christmas Island has it's challenges for Kate but also rewards. For the last few years Kate's career has taken a back seat while she focuses more on family.

Kate said, "Like most women, I have struggled to love and accept my body all my life.  The constant bombardment of negative messages women receive about our bodies is just overwhelming. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!  I am healthy and strong.  My family love me.  My friends love me.  I am going to love me too.  I am more than just a body.  I am ready to do everything I can to inspire other women to accept and love themselves RIGHT NOW!!  Don’t wait until you’ve lost those last 5 kilos, or had your boobs done, or grown your hair - RIGHT NOW!! I was so fortunate to be chosen last year as part of the #CossieConfidence Crew. I have absolutely loved and embraced spreading the #CossieConfidence message to other women, via personal contact, and on my social media platform. I would be honoured to be part of this campaign for another year to help spread this very important message. To help women embrace their bodies and start enjoy life, and live their best summer ever with their families and friends."

Kate - 2017 Cossie Confidence Campaign

Thank you Kate for bringing your beautiful, positive self to the Crew and to all of the women that come across you, whether in person or on social media. You are such an inspiration!


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