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Introducing Tracey to The CC Crew

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

Tracey Dawes is 49, mother of 2 and an Artist. Her entire childhood into adolescence was spent hopping between Cronulla and Tugun and holidaying on the Gold Coast.

There is one thing that is very evident when you listen to Tracey speak about #CossieConfidence and that is how passionate she is about spreading the message. Tracey’s video submission was very real and raw as she shared her reasons for wanting to be a Crew member and with that, shed some tears.

Hanging out on Cronulla beach in her younger days, Tracey often felt size-related confidence in other areas but never ‘Cossie Confidence’. That positive cossie attitude was fostered by her loving mother and grandmother and one she wants to share with as many women as possible.

Tracey has an 18 year old daughter and shared “…she told me today she was checking herself out in the mirror of a clothes store change room and thought that she was looking good. I thought to myself ‘YES! Parenting win!’.

“On a sadder note however, I have a dear friend who loves the beach and swimming in the ocean, but whose partner thought she couldn’t even swim because she flatly refuses to get into a swimsuit. It breaks my heart and makes me angry all at the same time.”

Tracey is so passionate about wanting to help women that she is looking for ways to make it a career – counselling, coaching or something else – she is still investigating.

It’s what led her to belly dance, performing solo and as part of a troupe. “When you’re up there, you feel soooo confident and alive, you forget your body isn’t perfect. And you know what? So does the audience.” That feeling is something she would love the opportunity to share with women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Having worked in superannuation in a former life she’s done a ‘180’ turn and is now attempting to be a full time artist while working as a Barista. She feels it might be a little cliché but we call it BRAVE!

“Apart from anything else, the beach is the most therapeutic place on earth, and more people need to get to one. I would just love to get out there with the message – Check it out girls!!! If I can strut it on the beach, head held high, then so can you!”

Thank you for sharing your story with us Tracey. We look forward to watching you grow as an Artist and a Crew Member with passion and compassion.

Drop Tracey a message of encouragement and watch out for her in the upcoming #CossieConfidence shoot.


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