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Introducing Suzie to The CC Crew

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

Suzie is a 57 year old fashionista from Melbourne and describes herself as 'a collector of wearables and sparkly things. Needs to tidy up her wardrobe. Dutch by birth living in Melbourne'.

Suzie was born in the Netherlands and moved to Australia 35 years ago to marry her Italian husband who has lived here since he was a young child. She is a mother of three adult children and a fur baby Pierre, the French bulldog/pug cross. Suzie and her husband have an Information Technology business and her hobbies are sewing and shopping for fabrics and clothes. She loves Opshops and is always finding fabulous clothes at bargain prices. She posts her everyday style pictures on Instagram as Suzie_Richetti.

In Suzie's video submission, her message was clear, she wants to be a role model for her daughters, your daughters and all women. Through her Instagram account and her daily postings, she is showing us that you can wear what you want and look and feel fabulous - no matter your age.


Drop Suzie a message of encouragement and watch out for her in the upcoming #CossieConfidence shoot.

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Evie Foster
Evie Foster
Sep 23, 2018

Hey Suzie... love your style! Perfection!

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