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Introducing Lara to The CC Crew

It is with pleasure that we welcome Lara to The Crew! Lara will be joining us for the shoot with the rest of the Crew in October. Lara lives in Queanbeyan, NSW and is 47 years old. She has a wonderful husband, Paul and their two Australian Bulldogs Bennie and Willow. 

Lara says "Cossie Confidence is important to me because it literally is a beacon of light and hope for so many women, including myself, who have sat idle on the sideline of pools, on the sideline of summer and to a certain degree, the sideline of life for many years, while learning to accept our bodies."

Lara has PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) and says "I was never going to fit into what society and fashion “deems” for me to be the “appropriate” body shape to wear swimwear - the most liberating moments for me have been ageing and maturing in terms of body acceptance and realising I don’t want to fit into what society and fashion derm to be appropriate for me. I now KNOW what is appropriate for me, and that’s is all the that matters."

Lara doesn't have many regrets in life but says her one and only regret is not having the courage, self love and maturity to tell her younger self that it’s ok to be YOU and to stop trying to fit in. She wishes she could have told herself that "you were born to stand out and be a voice for the voiceless and other women of all ages who also live the incideous disease of PCOS and its effects on a daily basis."

For all of the reasons listed above, Lara also became a BIMGA Body Image Movement Global Ambassador and loves every single moment of assisting other women and all people in learning to accept and love themselves too. 

Drop Lara a message to say Hi and watch out for her in the upcoming #CossieConfidence shoot.


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