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Introducing Jane to The CC Crew

We are so grateful and honoured to introduce Jane to the #CossieConfidence Crew. Jane is an inspiration to us all. A 52 Year old Mum of a 16 Year old Boy/Man, Ben, she works in community services sector with Young People at risk of homelessness and has worked in this area for 11 years. Working in this industry has lead her to her passion of supporting women to love their bodies as they are. 

Having a 16 Year old son, Jane has had to learn how to navigate social media before he could access it. Jane said, "the information I read scared me, social media is a powerful tool if used wisely. I have learnt that we are bombarded with images every day and 95% of the human images we see are retouched. So as human being of all shapes and sizes with our lumps, bumps, wrinkles,  pimples, freckles are looking to social media and advertisers and feeling less than perfect no wonder when the images we see aren’t real either."

In her spare time as a body image global ambassador, she devotes at least one hour a week to the body loving message. 

Through Jane's role as a Body Image Ambassador, she has also shared her story in Taryn Brumfitt's new book, Embrace Yourself.

An excerpt from Jane's chapter in Embrace Yourself:-

To embrace your body is to feel a sense of relief. Last summer, I set myself a challenge to walk along the beach in just my swimmers. No sarong or cover up. Shoulders back, head held high. I discovered that no-one cared! No-one was interested in me! Most people were just worried about themselves. It was liberating.

Learning to love my body is a work in progress, with 34 years of negative self-talk to un-do. However, I am living proof that it's possible. Don't make my mistake, learn to love your body now. Find out the things you love and do them. You will lead the way for the next generation.

Jane joined us for the #CossieConfidence shoot at Kingscliff and after the last shot of the day on the beautiful Salt Beach, she jumped in for a well deserved swim.

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Unknown member
Jan 17, 2019

Looking hot Jane!!!

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