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Here are your Cossie Confidence Crew for 2018/19!

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Hello! Thanks for popping in.

Well, after reading and watching loads of submissions to join The Crew for this summer, agonising over who to choose, we have the absolute pleasure to introducing to you, your Cossie Confidence Crew for 2018/19.

A massive thank you to all who put their hand up to join The Crew and all those who sent us messages of support. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was a really difficult process to select The Crew members for this year. I still have butterflies thinking about it. I wish we could have you all involved. Maybe that wish will come true. But with limited resources and trying to ensure we had most ages, shapes, sizes and locations covered, it meant that we had to be reluctantly selective as we whittled down the numbers to 15. And those chosen have much to do!

“I pledge to you, as a Cossie Confidence Crew member, that I will post photos and videos of myself, in my swimwear, to encourage other women to do the same, so that they may make happy memories with their families and friends and live their best summer yet.” The girls agreed to do this and quite a bit more, to bring Swimsuit confidence, Cossie Confidence alive this summer.

Personally, I was absolutely blown away by the rawness, the authenticity, the honesty of so many of the submissions received. The wanting to help others and to push themselves to being more body confident, Cossie Confident, in a swimsuit.

We know from 100’s of conversations in person and online, that this journey is not an easy one for so many women, for so many reasons. A very emotional journey that has burdened some most of their lives. Feelings of self-loathing and not being good enough and as a consequence, missing out on so many wonderful moments in life. Talk about getting into a swimsuit, and the fear factor is amplified skywards and summers are wasted away.

Well you are good enough! And with the encouragement of others, of this Cossie Confidence Crew, it will be possible to make those happy memories with family and friends this summer. To be IN the photo, not taking it. To be IN the pool and ocean, mucking around with the kids instead of leaving it to hubby to do.

These girls have given their all and are willing to give it to you too. From every state and territory (except the ACT…maybe next year), blending some of The Crew from last year with the experience to help those who are new, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce to you your Cossie Confidence Crew for 2018/19!

In Tassie, Susan Henrys. In Victoria, Jacqui Burns and Susie Richette. In NSW, Vita Vasta, Maz Saunders, Jane Gardiner (3 crew members from last year) together with Tahlia Hunt. The Queensland contingent has Fiona Webb and Liz Kubler (from last year’s crew) joining forces with Sam Hillman, Tatia Power and Tracey Dawes. In the beautiful NT there is Joanne Campbell and over in the far west, Kate McFarlane (from last year’s crew). Evie Foster is our girl in SA and is an integral part of the Cossie Confidence mission, helping me to bring much of it together.

Over the next week or so, once the girls and I have had a chance to chat, we will write articles about each of them and place them here and over on the blog too, so that you can get to know them a bit more and start to create those connections on social media too. Use the #CossieConfidence to find them on Instagram. They will also feature on the Sequins and Sand Facebook and Insta pages as well as the Cossie Confidence Insta page. We’ll let you know where to find them on Insta and Facebook too as they post on their own pages and accounts too.

Thanks girls! Thanks for your time and support of Cossie Confidence. Here’s to yours. We’d love to see you #CossieConfidence this year to spread the message and help our movement grow.

Until next time.

Anita McLachlan xx (Founder, Cossie Confidence & Sequins and Sand)


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