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Bravery Scarves

Bravery Co. was born to a girl called Emily. A dreamer and a traveller, a collector and a designer, she spent her days as an Art Director in a bubble of colour and happiness. Then she got sick. Real sick. She got cancer. Not once, but twice. And do you know what, she beat it. Not once, but twice.

Inspired by her own experience of chemo, cancer, naps, and turbans, she is hunting headscarves for cancer patients around the world in the hope to give bravery to others going through something she knows only too well.

In support of Emily and Bravery Co., we will be proudly featuring the Bravery Co. scarves at our #CossieConfidence shoot in Kingscliff this month. All the Crew will be gathering at the end of the day to celebrate a big, purposeful and fun day. We will also be celebrating ourselves, each other and bravery. A dinner is planned with the dress for the evening being amazing kaftans from Sequins & Sand and the gorgeous Bravery scarves. There will also be 100% chance of a champagne in hand as we toast to brave women, all over the world!

Emily is crowdfunding to produce the first Bravery Co. collection of designer scarves for young women with cancer. Designed by some of Australia's (and the world's) most talented illustrators, each gorgeous scarf has a bright bold design to empower its wearer and help them kick cancer's ass.

This crowdfunding campaign is not only going to allow them to produce these super-soft super-rad scarves at quantities that will make them affordable to everyone, but they are also going to donate over 200 scarves to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. One for every woman in her 20's and 30's who has lost her hair. Watch Emily's video to learn more.

You can find out more about Bravery Co. on their site.

Photography credit to Haydn Cattach, Michaela Barca and Martina Gemmola.

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