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Evie’s Story: I was embarrassed about my body.

My story is a little different to most posts you’ll see on this Blog because I’ve had my own Cossie Confidence experience in many different and quite unusual ways but some will sound very familiar. After our first connection, I think Anita (the founder of Cossie Confidence) and I had a mutual feeling of some sort; of ‘this was meant to be’ and we kept in contact until the time was right. When Anita reached out to me, last year and asked me to be involved in this amazing campaign, I didn’t miss a beat. So, I worked with Anita to bring this all to life. Wow! What an experience it was, in more ways than one. Not only was I the creative director and the project coordinator – I modelled too!

I really did not give it much thought, you know, the part where I would need to show my body to the world. I was just in work mode and busy visioning up a storm and thinking of the amazing women that were doing this with us and of course, producing the best product for my client. It wasn’t until the day before I was leaving and thinking maybe I should do a fake tan or shave some hair or pluck an eyebrow or something that I realised what I was about to do.

To be honest, I was the mother who didn’t run down the beach or even really want to go to the beach with the kids because I was embarrassed of my body. I was the woman who wouldn’t accept invitations to pool parties or any social invitation that might mean I would have to get into swimwear. I was the woman who didn’t really want to go swimming with the grandkids for feat of someone judging my body. So, I did what I needed to do! I tanned, shaved, plucked and polished everything to the best of my ability.

On the day, I knew that I had to be brave and confident for some of the other women and show them no fear and that is what I did and that is what we got from them all. Watching all of these amazing women bare their skin and their souls was literally life changing for me. They probably didn’t realise it but they helped me.

Although I had spent many years preaching about being plus size and loving yourself just the way you are, I didn’t really practice what I preached – until this day! Seeing the results of this shoot was quite emotional and I was so proud of not only the whole entire crew but of myself. I stand there before anyone who cares to look with rolls of fat, veins on my legs, cellulite and wrinkles and you know what? I think I looked amazing! I immediately purchased a cool pair of Cossies and took my Grandies to the beach! I walked along that beach like I owned the damn thing!

Having the confidence, the #cossieconfidence to get into a swimsuit really does matter; I’ve felt it, I’ve seen it in others. I’m so grateful that my journey has seen me find my Cossie Confidence once more. I hope your journey leads you to finding yours too.

Evie. x


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