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Give The Gift That Lasts a Lifetime : Swimsuit Confidence

Every Christmas, every birthday do you think long and hard about what to get for that person you love? Find it hard to come up with something meaningful? Something that you know they will truly appreciate that also reflects just how much you care about them?

You're not alone. According to McCringle Research at Christmas "last year, more than half of Australians (55%) received on average 1.29 presents they considered unnecessary and a waste. Almost 1 in 10 (8%) received 4 or more presents they didn’t need. Last Christmas, Australians received 32.5 million unnecessary presents. That means, with <b>1 in 5 (21%) saying they regift presents they don’t want</b>, 6.8 million presents will be regifted this year!

Then there's finding something that is different, in an attempt to make it meaningful, to make it matter.

We're so wired for the 'quick hit'. That instant hit of happiness to make us feel better in the moment and make us smile. But then what? When that moment has gone, how much of that feeling lasts? We very rarely remember the moment we receive that new top or vase and how that made us feel. In many instances, we're often not sure who gave it to us, unless it's attached to meaning.

When was the last time you thought buying that dress was such an incredible experience? The same could be said for those receiving that dress you bought for them. BUT...what you may have are photos, memories you made wearing that dress. Photos you have together when they are wearing that dress you bought for them. It's what you were doing together that creates the meaning. The experience. The treasured memories.

The same can be said of swimsuits. For many a more tortuous purchase, wrapped in dread and for some, fear. It's much easier to make memories in a dress than it is to make them wearing a swimsuit.

Maybe that's not the case for you. I hope that it's not. But I am sure there is someone you care a great deal about who does feel that way. Who doesn't 'do' the things that creates those lasting moment, those wonderful memories because being in a swimsuit they feel great in, is a bridge too far. Having swimmers they feel great in is one thing, but the confidence to wear it without holding back...that's quite another.

This year, give the gift of meaning. That will keep on giving. A gift that will help to create those magical memories, the moments of joy, not a fleeting hit of happy.

Give the gift of Swimsuit Confidence. A gift that will help the one you love find a swimsuit that feels great on and the confidence to wear it, no holding back.

There are two Gifts of substance and meaning you can give with our Gift Cards:

1. A self-paced, easy to follow and do, online course with 1:1 support from me - the fastest and easiest way to feeling Swimsuit Confident. The Unlock Your Cossie Confidence course.

2. Being a part of a supportive, kind community where there are monthly masterclasses and activities to learn how to feel more confident and create the ideal summer-life. Mind, Style and Wellness topics including swimsuit confidence. The Summer Confidence Society paid membership community. Like 'Netflix' subscription.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at . Let's make this gift one that lasts a life-time. One of substance over stuff. One that will make lasting memories that matter most.

Anita xx

The Cossie Whisperer


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