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Welcoming Back Evie to The CC Crew

Evie Foster is a 53 year old grandmother of 4 who has always been involved in the plus size industry, in one form or another. Evie has 2 daughters, 4 grandchildren and cares for her mother. When we first met, it seems that we were destined to one day work together and here we are 4 years later and one Cossie Confidence campaign under our belt, with last years shoot.

Evie was the creative director for Cossie Confidence and modelled for us too. This year Evie is doing it all again but has also taken on the role of Cossie Confidence Custodian. She has built our beautiful new online home for #cossieconfidence and is one of the moving parts in our engine room.

Evie is 53, single and not looking for love. She says when the time is right, we will find each other and if not, it was not meant to be. She is strong, passionate and dedicated to her family and her work - you can see more about Evie at

She started modelling as a 'plus size' model when she was 37 and loved every minute of it. At a size 12, back then, she was in demand because she was a little bigger but not too big. A little older but not too old. Most clients dressed her in oversized plus sized clothing and it wasn't unusual for her to get mother of the bride work and as a young mum, she just could never understand what her clients were thinking. But it was evident that the audience loved to see someone like her on the stage.

Fast forward to 5 years later, a couple of sizes bigger, some of her clients loved her even more. Evie says that walking, dancing or strutting on a catwalk in front of 300 people was never an issue for her because it was about the clothes but as soon as it becomes about her, is when her confidence would fly out the window. No-one would ever know it but last years shoot for #cossieconfidence was a daunting task for her. Being photographed in swimwear for all of the world to see, with no retouching, was challenging.

Evie says "I have wasted many years not wanting to swim with my kids or grandkids and last years shoot changed me. I walked away from it feeling empowered and went straight to the Sequins and Sand site and ordered some cossies and took my grandbabies to the beach and I felt FANTASTIC.

I have always been an advocate for the empowerment of women and I would love to be that person that someone credits me for being the reason that they got in their cossies and jumped in the water and felt complete freedom to just be in the moment and enjoy themselves and their families. Life is short - wear the cossies."

These are some of Evie's fav photos from Cossie Confidence.

Evie is in full swing for this year's campaign and cant wait to bring it all together and produce some amazing images that will inspire you to put caring more about your precious moments than your body image.

Drop Evie a message to say Hi and watch out for her in the upcoming #CossieConfidence shoot.

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Membro desconhecido
02 de nov. de 2018

looking absolute stunning Evie

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