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Introducing Tatia to The CC Crew

We are so excited to welcome Tatia to the #CossieCondfidence Crew. Tatia is 45, and is married to her best friend, Mick. They have 2 children - Sahtrea, 17 and Kaylum, 14. Rocky and Dexter, her bits dogs make up her beautiful family.

Tatia runs a 3D rendering company (artistic visualisation images) from home with clients all around the world. She is actively involved in her local community, running programs that support women to develop a positive #bodyimage and has been co-facilitating empowerment programs for teenage girls.


Tatia said "After seeing the documentary Embrace, by Taryn Brumfitt, I had a switch in the brain moment, realising that I'd wasted far too much time on the sidelines of life.  I became a BIMGA (Body Image Movement Global Ambassador) and learnt to not just appreciate my body but actively love it for all the incredible things it can do. When I was introduced to Cossie Confidence, I knew it was a perfect match for me. It aligns with what has become my mission - encouraging women to stop worrying about a lack of thigh gap and start living their lives passionately with purpose and gratitude."

Tatia recently travelled with Taryn Brumfitt on her book launch for Embrace Yourself. She spent eight days with ten incredible women, spreading a joyful, liberating message through regional Australia. She saw lives change and in turn it changed hers too. 

"Each year I do commit to doing something that will put me outside my comfort zone. This year I shaved my head bald to raise money for Leukaemia research. Then the opportunity to be a swimsuit model came along as a bonus - second one for this year! Next year I want to do the Sydney Skinny - swimming nude with 100s of people in the Sydney harbour!" says Tatia. 

Tatia has always been a little reluctant to call herself a 'writer' but this year she is embracing the title, just like she does everything else in life and has published a blog, Chasing Enso and has committed to writing her first book. Stay tuned!

Tatia says "I live and breathe the ethos of #CossieConfidence everyday. As a Body Image Movement Ambassador, I know the importance of helping women learn to tune out the onslaught of negative body image messages the media feeds us. I encourage women to fill their lives with people who inspire you to feel great about your body and learn to appreciate all it does, rather than how it looks. I work with women of all ages to help them learn techniques that foster a healthier relationship with their bodies and re-evaluate what is important to them. I'm passionate about showing women how to 'embrace' a more positive mindset physically and mentally.

We can't wait to meet Tatia at our #CossieConfidence shoot this month and hope a little bit of her energy rubs off on us all! Thanks Tatia.


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