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Dannielle’s Story : I Was Always A Bigger Girl.

Growing up I was always a bigger girl, and I endured constant torment throughout school for my size. It certainly took its toll, and I would always try and hide my sadness through my humour.

At my largest I was wearing a size 24 when I decided it was time to do something about it.

In just over 2 years I turned my life around and lost a little over 60kg. What I didn’t realise is that despite losing weight, the very self-conscious person I was as a big girl was still with me.

I was also left with excess skin and stretch marks. I’m now 32, married, and a mum to a beautiful 10 month old little boy. It has taken motherhood for me to finally embrace my curves and imperfections, and put on my cossie and feel confident and comfortable!

I’m certainly no swimwear model, but I’d much rather be a mum, a wife, and a woman with a real story to tell who can hopefully inspire others to step outside of their comfort zone and pop on a cossie.

Here’s to sunshine, sand and fun times with my family.

Dannielle. x


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