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Why you should join the crew!

Maz xo

Let's encourage women to make that move and find that swimsuit. To get back onto the beach and live their best summer yet!


And what better way to do that, than have other women out there showing the way. Women they can relate to. Women they can see themselves in. Women of a similar shape, size and life-stage.

Cossie Confidence is changing those feelings and perceptions. It's not an overnight fix by any means. But if women can see other women, women in the Crew, out there, in their togs, embracing their summer with gusto and having fun, it will spark a 'maybe' or 'okay, I will'. If they hear stories that sound like their story, they will believe it's possible.

Who Should Join The Crew?

If you understand how being in a swimsuit can make all the difference to living a wonderful summer that's a great start. If you genuinely care and are passionate about helping others overcome their doubts and reclaim their summers once more, then you should certainly apply to join. 

For now, until we release the next dates, you can register your interest by sending us an email and telling us why you would like to be considered for the next Crew. We look forward to hearing from you.

Register Your Interest

Need to Get Away?


Dates will soon be released for 2020

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