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Why you should join the crew!

Maz xo

Let's encourage women to make that move and find that swimsuit. To get back onto the beach and live their best summer yet!


And what better way to do that, than have other women out there showing the way. Women they can relate to. Women they can see themselves in. Women of a similar shape, size and life-stage.

Cossie Confidence is changing those feelings and perceptions. It's not an overnight fix by any means. But if women can see other women, women in the Crew, out there, in their togs, embracing their summer with gusto and having fun, it will spark a 'maybe' or 'okay, I will'. If they hear stories that sound like their story, they will believe it's possible.


What Can Being Involved Do For You?


In a nutshell, it's life-changing. And for many of the Crew, they've forged wonderful friendships too.We asked the Crew recently to take a video selfie, talking about what being part of this movement has meant to them. And what they would say to someone thinking about becoming a Cossie Confidence by Sequins and Sand Crew member. Their response is totally unscripted and unedited. It's straight from the heart.

Who Should Join The Crew?
If you understand how being in a swimsuit can make all the difference to living a wonderful summer that's a great start. If you genuinely care and are passionate about helping others overcome their doubts and reclaim their summers once more, then you should certainly apply to join.

How You Can Get Involved?
In 2019, we are looking for 12 women to join the Crew and re-CREW-ting will be done in 2 stages. One for Spring, the other for Summer.

• Spring Re-CREW-ting - will open on the 10th of July and close on the 31st of July - for a 1st of September to 1st of December focus.

• Summer Re-CREW-ting will open on the 1st of October and close on the 31st of October - for a 1st of December to end of February 2020 focus.

At the end of each main 'focus to post', stay on as an active Crew member and share your posts of you living your best summer. Post as often as you can, as often as you like, with #cossieconfidence @sequinsandsand.

As an ongoing Cossie Confidence with Sequins and Sand Crew member there are exclusive events and benefits to keep our efforts strong and our sense of team even stronger.

Apply here!

What We will Do to Support You as a Crew Member.

• We will help set you up for summer with a pack of goodies worth a minimum of $350 over the three month period, as chosen by Sequins and Sand based on what works best for you.
• A 20% store discount code valid for the Spring or Summer season, whichever you are involved with.
• Exclusive Cossie Confidence membership and benefits and ways to continue to be involved.
• Be part of our lively private Facebook Group where all sorts of conversations take place and more importantly, fellow Crew members support and lift each other up. It’s a really lovely, supportive space.
• Regular features on our social media pages – mainly facebook and instagram.
• We may incorporate your images into other content we create for our website, video, marketing and social media channels too.

What We Ask You To Do As a Crew Member?

Take photos of yourself enjoying your summer in our swimwear and yours.
It’s important that these photos are natural, fun, ‘real’ and relaxed. Everyday women going about their summers at the beach, by the pool, in the pool, out and about and on holiday too! And yes, full body swimsuit shots!


Please don’t apply if you’re not happy with taking full length swimsuit photos of yourself.

It's about showing what being in your cossies enables you do! And how that makes you feel.

At least 1 photo every two weeks over that 3 month period, posted on your public Instagram and Facebook pages featuring your Sequins and Sand goodies. You must have public accounts girls. The idea is to show the way to as many women as we can.

Stay involved as an active Crew member and share your posts of you living your best summer as often as you can, as often as you like, #cossieconfidence .

The 2019 Shoot - at Broken Head, NSW

To further support this important movement, again, this year there will be a Cossie Confidence by Sequins and Sand shoot. This year it's on from the 8th-10th of September at Broken Head, in northern NSW and you will have the opportunity to participate. These shoots are an incredible experience and one that the girls still talk about long after it's over.

There are 2 aspects to this shoot.

  • A small group of up to 8 women photographed and videoed in Sequins and Sand swim and resortwear, specifically to showcase how different swimsuits look fabulous on different body shapes and sizes, on women in different life stages and ages. These women will be asked to participate in this part of the shoot so that we get that diversity of shape, age and size captured. The shoot is from Sunday 8th-10th September; arrival on the Sunday afternoon ready for an early start Monday then home Tuesday morning.

  • Every Crew Member since Cossie Confidence started - from Monday the 9th September, it's time to gather and celebrate being a Crew member! We will be hosting a get together on location where all who have ever been in the Crew are invited to come along and be together and get into awesome group shots too. It will be a lot of fun! For some it will be a wonderful chance to catch up and for others, those of you who are new, it will be a chance to say hello and get to know your fellow Crew members. It will be awesome!

Everything has been booked for the shoot all we need are our amazing Crew there!

This year, it's going to be another fabulous season for Cossie Confidence by Sequins and Sand. A movement that is very close to our hearts and means so much to so many. We look forward to welcoming you to the Crew and making a meaningful difference to even more beautiful women. It's their time. Time to live their best summer! And you can help make that happen.

Hop on over here and Apply girls! We will announce our new Spring Crew members the first week of August and then we'll get straight into getting you kitted out, pledges taken and on your way!

Thank you so much.


To your #CossieConfidence !

Anita xx
Founder of Cossie Confidence, Sequins and Sand + Shine. The Summer Retreat.

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